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George Vranos, conductor

George Vranos was born in Athens in 1969. 

He is the Artistic Director of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra since 2014.

In 2010, he was appointed as assistant professor in "Orchestra Conducting", at the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki.

He’s been frequently cooperated with the Greek National Opera, the Athens State Symphony Orchestra and the T.S.S.O..

He graduated from the “Hochschule Fur Musik” in Munich (H. Michael’s class), where he studied with a scholarship from the Foundation “Alexander A. Onassis”. He studied Music Theory with A. Amarantidis and piano (diploma) with If. Papadogianni at the National Conservatory of Athens.

He worked as a Chief Conductor and Deputy General Music Director in Regensburg Opera (2003-2008) and in the State Opera of Coburg (2008-2010), where he was also the Artistic Director of the Symphony Youth Orchestra. In 2004 he appointed as General Music Director of the Regensburg Opera. Their opera productions (Carmen, Norma, Lulu, Un Ballo di maschera etc.) and their symphonic concerts, often with the cooperation of the famous children's choir of Domspatzen and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Regensburg Opera, received thrusting reviews from the German and the international press.

As a second Chief Conductor at the Pforzheim Opera (1997-2003), he conducted several works beyond the classical repertoire and also many premieres, often in cooperation with the Chamber Orchestra of Southwest German. For two consecutive years (1998-1999), he was the Artistic Director of the cultural events in honor of Maria Callas in Gasteig and Prinzregenten-Theater, with the Munich Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of St. Petersburg Kammerphilharmonie.

His participation in famous H.Rilling masterclass played an important role to his future works in Oratorio pieces and Alte Musik works, as well as his cooperation with the Bach Collegium Orchestra and the International Symphony Orchestra and Choir of Stuttgart’s Festival, where he conducted Verdi's Requiem and Messa per Rossini. He has also worked with several Operas in Czech Republic (Janacek Theater, Brun Opera) and in Germany (Flensburg Opera, Trier Opera).

The fact that his was the artistic director of his first orchestra (Symphony Orchestra of the “Hochschule Fur Musik” in Munich), for two concecutive years, as a graduate student, was commented with enthousiasm by the German press (Suddeutsche Zeitung, Munchner Merkur etc.) and defined his symphonic repertoire and his collaborations with young artists in the coming years.




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