Full of emotions 12 January 2019

Yesterday’s concert ‘Romeo and Juliet’ performed at the Concert Hall of AUTH gave the spectators an evening full of emotions.
Besides, the program of the concert predisposed the emotional evening beginning with Elgars’ ‘Cello Concerto’, which mourns the loss of so many people after World War I and praises the will for life, and continuing with Prokofievs’ ‘Romeo and Juliet’, which brings to life the most known and tragic love story through music.
The presence of two important musicians of Thessaloniki was another reason for the evening to be emotional. Timotheos Petrin proved why he is considered one of the greatest cellists of our time, while Alkis Baltas, an important part of the orchestra's history, was the conductor. The program even started with a piece of Baltas’ ‘Cyprien suite’, which was orchestrated with the incitement of the founder of the TSSO, Solon Michaelides.