Open tender for purchasing percussion instruments 03 August 2019

The Economic Committee of Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (E.T.O.S. of TSSO),
in order to cover the needs for the implementation of the Thessaloniki State
Symphony Orchestra (TSSO) artistic programme,
is launching
a brief, open tender, with sealed offers for a procurement contractor (purchase) of
thirty eight (38) different kind of Percussion musical instruments (as listed
below) , in accordance with the provisions of Articles 107, 109, 117 and 66 of Law
4412/2016 [“Public Works, Supplies, and Services Contracts (adaptation to Directives
2014/24/ΕU and 2014/25/EU)”, Government Gazette Ser.Α ́ 147/08.08.2016).
1.Xylophone (1)
Tonal Range: 4 Octaves c1-c5
Tuning 442 Hz
50-40x23mm, Honduras Rosewood
Dimensions of instrument:
Length: 160cm
Width: 68cm
Height: 79-96cm
Weight: 30,30kg
2. Transport case for Xylophone (1)
For Studio 49 RXC-4000 / VA = 442
Material: 9 mm birch multiplex
30 x 30 mm aluminium edges
Foam padding
3 Spring-loaded medium butterfly latches
4 Folding handles
Steel corner balls
4 x 100 mm swivel castors (2 with brakes)
Outside dimensions (W x D x H): 166.5 x 75 x 47.5 cm
Colour: Phenolic brown
3. Pedal Glockenspiel (1)
Tonal Range: 3 Octaves f2-f5
Tuning: 442Hz
Tone bars:
Chrome-plated, high grade silver steel, specially
processed with chrome platted finish
Dimensions of instrument:
Length: 100cm
Width: 48cm
Height: 73-95cm
4. Transport case for Glockenspiel (1)
For Studio 49 RGC 3030 Glockenspiel
Material: 9 mm phenolic resin-coated birch multiplex
30 x 30 mm aluminium edges
Foam padding
2 Lateral wooden panels
4 Spring-loaded butterfly latches
2 Lid holders on the side
2 Edge trims
4 Folding handles
Steel ball corners
4 x 100 mm steering wheels "Blue Wheel" (2 braked)
2 Mounting lugs
1 Lashing strap
Colour: Phenolic brown
5. Snare/Tom tom/base drum Cases(13)
1. For Tom tom size: 8”x 7”.
2. For Tom tom size: 10”x 8” (x 2)
3. For tom tom size: 12”x 10” (x2)
4. For Tom tom size: 13”x 10”
5. For Tom tom size 14”x 12”
6. For Tom tom size 16”x 14”
7. For Tom tom size: 14”x 14”
8. For Tom tom size 16”x 16”
9. For Base drum 20”x16”
10. For snare drum 14”5,5”
11. For snare drum 14”x6,5”
Padded on the bottom.
All sizes can be stacked together.
Security handles with 90° stop for easy carrying and easy transport.
5 octaves (C16-C76)
Bar: Honduras rosewood 24-20mm thick and 72-41mm wide
A = A442Hz (23 °C)
Height adjustable with Gas spring support system.
Depth: 103cm
Width: 261cm
Height: 86-101cm
Weight: 96kg
7. Transport Case for Marimba (1)
For Yamaha YM-5100 Marimba Basic Case RG and
Professional Chest For Yamaha YM-5100 Marimba Resonators RG, Split
Professional Chest for Yamaha YM-5100 First Class Marimba; Resonators: 9 mm
birch multiplex wood, color phenol resin Coated brown, 30x30 mm aluminum edge,
10 x Butterfly locks medium, 8 x folding handles medium, 8 x ball corner cranked, 2
x 580x160 mm skateboard, 4 x roll 100/2 braked, interior fittings, Foam, outer
dimensions WxDxH: 1425x725x10170 mm, Weight: 62.2 kg, Frame: 9 mm birch
multiplex wood, color phenolic resin Coated brown, 30x30 mm aluminum edge, 10
x butterfly caps medium, 8 x folding handles medium, 8 x ball corner large cranked,
2 x 580x160 mm skateboard, 4x roll 100/2 braked, 4 removable trays, foam,
external dimensions WxDxH: 1195x605x1575 mm, weight: 96 kg,
8. Orchestra cymbals (1 pair)
Size: 18”
Weight: Light
Sound: Medium bright
9. Orchestra cymbals (1 pair)
Size: 20”
Weight: Medium light
Sound: Medium bright
10. Set of Suspended Cymbals (1)
Thickness: Thin/ Brillant
Dimensions: 16”,18”, 20”
11. Cymbal case (2)
Size: For up to 9 cymbals, up to 22”
Inner diameter: 59,9cm
Maximum depth: 10,4cm
With wheels
12. Hardware for drum- set (6)
1. Cymbal boom stand (x3)
Height: Adjustable from 79 - 162 cm
Double braced
2. Hi hat stand
Height adjustable within a range of 70 to 90 cm
Cymbal support: Felt
3 Double-braced legs
Spring tension adjustable
3. Snare drum stand
Adjustable height: 45-63 cm
Three rubber-coated arms
3 Double-braced legs
4. Bass drum pedal
Chain drive
Long footboard
Beater shaft lock
Adjustable beater angle
Adjustable spring tension with lock
Simple side-mounted bass drum hoop clamp
Ball bearing shaft
Chain drive: footboard-beater connection
With base plate
13. Field drum (1)
Size: 16”x 16”
Shell: 6-ply Maple
Snares: Triple snare throw-off
14. Snare drum stand (3)
1. Size: Snare holder 10”- 16” with ball joint
Height: 38.5- 54,5cm
2. Size: Snare holder 12”- 14” with ball joint Double braced
3. Size: 10”- 16” with gyro lock tilter
Height: 48- 56cm
Air suspension rubber tips
15. Orchestra Snare drum case (3)
1. Case for piccolo snare drum 13”x4”
Size: Min. Height 11,4cm
Max. Height 16,5cm
2. Case for Snare drum 14”x7”
Size: Diameter 47,60
Min. Depth 15cm
Max. Depth 22,90cm
3. Case for snare Drum 14x 5”
Size: Height from 5”-6,5”
With an extra compartment for two drumheads
Material: Water resistance plastic, extremely durable
16. Set wood blocks (5)
1. Material: Mahogany
Dimensions: 10.2 x 14.3 x 33.7 cm,
2. Material: Mahogany
Dimensions:10.2 x 13.33 x 31.1 cm
3. Material: Mahogany
Dimensions: 10.2 x 11.75 x 26.7 cm
4. Material: Mahogany
Dimensions: 8.25 x 8.9 x 23.5 cm
5. Material: North American walnut
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 17.8 cm
17. Flex- Mount for wood block (5)
1. FlexMount for W8 Woodblock
Stainless Steel & HD Foam. Complete
2. FlexMount for W6 Woodblock
Stainless Steel & HD Foam. Complete
3. FlexMount for W5 Woodblock
Stainless Steel & HD Foam. Complete
4. FlexMount for W4 Woodblock
Stainless Steel & HD Foam
5. FlexMount for W2 Woodblock
Stainless Steel & HD Foam
18. Multi-percussion holder (1)
Material: stainless steel
10 positions
1 "x 1" square tube
For the reception of 3/8 "rods and / or T-base
Fits on the FlexMount basic carrier
19. Flexmount Main support
Material: Stainless steel
For mounting FlexMount 1" x 1" square tubes
Suitable for FM-4bar, FM-6bar, FM-10bar, FM-12bar
20. Tambourine (1)
Dimensions 10”
Double row brass jingles
Fiberskyn head
Acousticon body
21. Set of crotales (2)
1. Tuning: 442Hz
Tonal Range: Low Octave
13 slices
Including holding rail
2. Tuning: 442Hz
Tonal Range: High Octave
13 slices
Including holding rail
22. Bag for tam- tam (1)
Diameter: 115”/ 46”
23. Percussion hardware case (2)
With 2 wheels
Dimensions: 120.4x27.2x26.6cm
Maximum load: 35kg
24. Case for bongos (1)
Length: 48.20cm
Width: 27.90cm
Height: 20.30cm
Padded on lid and bottom
25. Bass drum mallets (3)
Weight: 110gr (pair)
145gr, (single)
225gr (single)
26. Snare drum heads (15)
1. Renaissance Emperor 14”
2. Renaissance Ambassador 14”
3. Renaissance Diplomat, 14”
4. Fiberskyn medium 14’
5. Fiberskyn thin14”
6. Skytone coated 14”
7. Renaissance reso 14”
8, Ambassador reso 14”
9. Emperor reso 14”
10. Diplomat reso 14”
11. Renaissance 13”
12. Skytone 13”
13. Renaaissance reso 13”
14. Natural calf skin up to 14” (x2)
27. Tom tom heads (4)
Ambassador coated 12’
Ambassador coated 14”’
Ambassador reso 12”
Ambassador reso 14”
28. Bass drum head (1)
Natural calf skin up to 40”
29. Splash cymbals (3)
Traditional series 6”
Turk series 10”
Samatya series 12”
30. Timbales set (1)
Diameter: 13”, 14”
Material: Steel
31. Caxixis (3)
1.Small: Diameter 7cm, height 15cm
2. Medium: Diameter 7cm, height: 17cm
3. Large: Diameter 9,5 cm, height: 17,5
32. Bag for cymbals (1)
13 mm padding: 8 mm "High Density Foam” + 5 mm soft plush
Water repellent
Internal distribution system for 6 cymbals
Internal dimension 100 x 570 mm
Weight: 3.20 kg
Colour: leather
33. Drum stool with back rest (2)
1. Drum throne
Large, square seat: 480(W)mm x 390(D)mm
Sturdy cast aluminium seat mount
Threaded seat rod (460-650 mm)
Four Double braced, wide-based legs
2. Back rest
can be use with DS950
34. Drum dial digital tuner
35. Cow Bell (2)
1. Salsa Cha Cha
Size 4"3/4 High Pitch Material: brashed steel
2. Mambo
Handmade in USA Mountable
36. Bell Tree (1)
Large With stand
37. Bar Chimes (2)
1. Bar Chimes
Double row Material: Aluminioum 72 Bars
2. Wind Chimes
Material: Black beech, aluminium alloy
38. Σετ Octobans (2)
1. High Set
Size: 06"x08" 06"x10"
2. Low Set
Size: 06"x12" 06x14"
Height: max. 110cm
Supply budget
The overall budget of the supply and the accompanying services (transportation) shall
not exceed the net amount of thirty-five thousand eighty euros and sixty-five
(35.080,65 €), plus V.A.T 24%.
Award criteria
The criterion for awarding of the supply to the contractor is the most financially
advantageous tender based on price. For the implementation of the supply and for the
detailed regulation of specific terms of cooperation, a contract will be signed between the
Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra Special Fund for Concert Organisation (E.T.O.S. of
TSSO) and the contractor.
Mode of Payment
The payment of the contractor shall be implemented in two (2) phases:
Phase I: Upon the signing of the contract 50% of the total value shall be paid.
Phase II: Upon reception of the instruments, the remaining 50% of the total value shall
be paid.
Submission of the relevant documentation and submission of the legally required tax
information and social insurance contribution payments’ certificate at least three (3)
working days prior to each payment, are required for each part of the payment to be made.
Bid submission deadline
The deadline for the submission of bids starts on 01.08.2019 and ends on Friday
30.08.2019, with their submission at the seat of the Thessaloniki State Symphony
Orchestra Special Fund for Concert Organisation (E.T.O.S. of TSSO) at the building
complex of Les Lazaristes in Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki (Kolokotroni Str. 21, GR-
56430, Stavroupoli, THESSALONIKI, GREECE), with the indication ‘TENDER BID
The President of the Board
of the Economic Committee of Thessaloniki State
Symphony Orchestra