Continuous emotional alterations 10 November 2019

After its successful journey around the world for eighteen years, last Friday was finally the time for the work “View from Olympus” to be performed in the closest possible distance from his birthplace. John Psathas, who has written it during a vacation at his parental home in N. Michaniona, watched, greatly moved, with his family the live performance of the work by TSSO, led by Miltos Logiadis and soloists Constantinos Destounis (piano) and Alexej Gerassimez (percussion). Thessaloniki’s audience responded warmly and applauded author and contributors.
The second part included two musical works by Shostakovich, such as the colorful “Festive Overture” and the controversial “Symphony No.6”.
These contradictions and emotional alterations were the dominant element of last night’s concert. Psathas’s work goes from the terrible hunt of Furies to the sweetness of a father’s feelings for his children, before it ends up in the wild Maenads dance. During the ten stunning minutes of the “Festive Overture” heroism is fighting lyricism, while in his 'Sixth Symphony' Shostakovich quickly turns initial resentment into joy and optimism.