Impressive distinction! 05 December 2019

Christos Hatzis — “Departures: III. Progress Blues” — Performed by the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, Anexandre Myrat, and Patrick Gallois

Though Jobs and Wozniak created and marketed technology that (debatably?) improved our world, the next music cautions against wholesale embrace of technology and the long term negative effects it could have. 
In his suite “Departures,” Greek-born composer (later Canadian citizen) Christos Hatzis reflects on the death of friends and the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan. 

This final movement, “Progress Blues,” is a meditation on the advance of technology that once again led Japan to suffer nuclear disaster.

Despite the destruction wrought by the 2011 tsunami, damage to the nuclear power plant in its path proved the more critical threat. It left longer lasting effects that cause us to ponder the long term “blues” we could face as technology progresses further into our future.