Music unite us 12 June 2023

The absolute star of Saturday's concert was undoubtedly Simon Trpčeski, who thrilled the people of Thessaloniki with a performance of rare beauty in the masterful 2nd piano concerto by Sergei Rachmaninoff, in the third part of this year's TSSO tribute series, to this great Russian creator.

Inside a full Ceremony Hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Simon Trpčeski also justified the reputation he has for his charismatic stage presence, when at the end he responded to the audience's call by reserving a big surprise for an encore, as he invited Vassilis Varvaresos to the stage, who, as we recall, performed the 3rd concerto in the previous tribute. Together at the piano, these two great artists gave everyone unique moments, first with the nostalgic 'Morning mood' by Grieg's 'Peer Gynt' and then with the exciting 'Dance of Swords' by Khachaturian.
Before that, the soloist told the audience that until now June 10 was his favorite day, because he had associated it since childhood with the closing of schools in his home country, North Macedonia, adding that from today he would associate it now with the memory of his first appearance in Thessaloniki, which was a dream of his. Then, now speaking in Greek, he said, among other things: "I've always believed that people from the Balkan region have unlimited potential for many things, including a natural talent for music, and if we support each other we can become better than those who maybe don't think we can. to grow more" concluding with thanks to those who made his dream come true.

And to prove that music unites us all he invited Varvaresos to the stage saying characteristically: "Let the first encore (Peer Gynt) be a very promising morning with fresh air for a better future and the second part of the encore (Dance of Swords ) to be a strong belief that friendship can save the world."

In the second part, the TSSO performed two adorable, famous and demanding works from the beginning of the last century, such as the symphonic poem 'The Pines of Rome' by Respighi and the symphonic suite from the ballet 'The Firebird' by Stravinsky. Conductor Miltos Logiadis has developed a unique relationship with the musicians of the orchestra which always leads to wonderful musical evenings. At the end of the concert this relationship was demonstrated once more, with the musicians refusing to stop goading the maestro to the applause of the audience.